Monday, May 21, 2012

International Quilt Show 2012

Well, we are back in the office today after a full weekend at the International Quilt Show. It was in Kansas City this year, so lucky us we were in our hometown. I thought I'd share a few photos from this weekend. We were so busy in the booth I didn't get much of a chance to get out and see stuff like I normally do, so the pictures are limited I'm sorry to say. 

The weekend started off with Sample Spree, which was a crazy/busy two hours. It was our first time participating, and I am still not sure if we will do it all again next year. It was a lot of hauling stuff back and forth, but I love getting some patterns out to shop owners to stitch up in their free time at nights, so we just might have to do it again. This Sample Spree is basically a chance for the shop owners to buy samples of the new stuff coming so they can get some sample made up for their shop before the fabric comes in. 

All the ladies waiting to get into Sample Spree--some were in line for three hours before the Spree opened!

Our lovely Sample Spree booth, and my wonderful Momma who came to help me for the night. We had so much fun!

 This was the isle looking down from our booth, we were almost on the far south end, so it was a long room of booths from our viewpoint.
This was our booth--it had tons of new samples in it. We had to show off those new Pattern Books!!

My favorite quilt from the show, it was in the Michael Miller fabric booth I just love the colors, and the asymmetry of it all. So wonderful!
The Retro Redwork Class I helped with Sunday morning. It was so much fun to start the day with some stitching, and I got to know some customers a little better in the process too. We had two ladies all the way from England in our class, it was lovely!

The samples on the bottom left were the project the class worked on. Pepper Corey was the instructor and she brought these other samples with her. They were so beautifully done, I had to share. 

A closeup of one of the samples Pepper did up. I just love the colors she chose and the running stitch she used on the words. So pretty!

A Sashiko embroidery style stitch she did on a blue towel she had at home. I love the simple flower and monochromatic color scheme on this one!

Back to the drawing board for now, so many new pattern ideas dancing through my head after the trade show! More on the new Pattern Books tomorrow!

Happy Stitching!

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