Friday, May 18, 2012

Cute Owl Stitched Up

I saw this owl stitched up over in our Flickr group, I had to share. It is so cute and the colors chosen are just perfect. I have loved our owl pattern for a long time, but always dreaded how 70's it would look in the browns and earth tones I am drawn to.  This is just perfect for it. Thank you so  much Crystal at FiberArtsy for sharing, you rock!

She also stitched up the sun and moon from the SR 6 Gypsy Magic pattern for the baby room and some other vintage AM patterns. Seem them all over on her blog.

Happy Stitching Everyone!


  1. You bet! Thanks for being so creative--we love the colors you chose for these!

  2. agreed, this owl is awesome, i want this pattern now!

    saw the market post above, looks crazy crowded! hope y'all had lots of visitors!

  3. Bethie--the pattern is #3371 Hooty Owls

    I am so inspired by Crystal I am doing on similar on a pillow for my nieces "new big girl" bedroom. She just loves owls right now!

    Market was great--I always LOVE getting to be around so many creative people and ideas!