Friday, September 24, 2010

Find us in STITCH magazine!

We are so excited about the Fall issue of STITCH magazine! There are so many great projects in this issue, and much to my surprise when flipping through our patterns are featured in the What's New + Cool section on page 6!

Grab your copy today and check it out! There is an awesome take-along sewing kit on page 74...I'll be sure to post some pictures when I get  mine made!

Happy Stitching + Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't be afraid of color!

This month is national sewing month, and that  had me thinking about stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something we wouldn't normally do. I wanted to share some embroidery that is BOLD in the color choices. I think it is a nice change from the normal and maybe will get you all thinking next time you go a choos'n colors for a project.

Such a good looking rooster (Aunt Martha's 3906 Farmyard Animals) and the purple is unexpected, but nice. I like it!

More purple (shear coincidence) on this Sunbonnet gal. Usually you would think of "country" colors for this duo, but I think the bold colors are exciting and more interesting. This one is from Aunt Martha's pattern #3946 Sunbonnet Mother & Daughter.
Hope this gets you inspired to try new colors (or new patterns) that you wouldn't have tried before! You can post some bold color choices of your own on our Flickr group....
We always LOVE seeing what our customers are up to!

Happy Stitching (and sewing)!

Monday, September 13, 2010

late night project

I am deep in wedding mode (33 days to go, thus my neglect of the blog), but just had to stop and make this for myself last night. I am ALWAYS (and I do mean always) looking for a needle and then it hit me...duh a needle book. So I just grabbed some fabric from the scraps bin, a needle (yes I found one) and some embroidery floss.

The main floral fabric I used was a gem I bought on a trip to NY in college. I bought it at flea market on the street. I just love it--everything about it makes me smile :) I stitched a little on the fabric and enhanced the beauty, but found that it blends in so much because I picked colors that match too perfectly--oh well, I still love it. And have found that it is so much easier to track down that needle when I need it. But I will say, I think I will make another one to keep in the sewing room, then this one can travel with projects. I just might have to embroider on it using our new sewing pattern (still working on it, but it is almost ready for the printer)...then the embroidery will show up for sure!

Happy Stitching!