Thursday, July 18, 2013

Something to do with those old linens

I recently found these old embroidered dresser scarves at a thrift store. For $2 I couldn't pass them up, although I had no idea what to use them on. Then I made a small dress for a cousin's upcoming baby shower and it promoted me into making an apron for myself. I am constantly dreaming up things to make for others, but then I often wonder how they might go unloved and unappreciated, so I decided this year to get to making all those things I have always wanted for myself. Then I know they are loved and appreciated for sure! So I used this pattern, altered it a little (shortened it and added a lining instead of the bias tape) and got to work.

I love this style of apron because it isn't binding at the neck and adding weight there. Sometimes even wearing a necklace gives me a headache, so this apron will be just perfect, I can wear it all day. And no  apron strings in the laundry, getting all tangled up  either!

Hope you like it, and find inspiration to use your old embroidered linens. I have also seen them used as pockets on little girls dresses, that would be a cute idea too!

Happy Stitching! 

So much to tell you about!

Well it has been like the inside of a tornado around here. Let me tell you. But here some new and exciting things happening at Colonial Patterns!

New Pattern Books!!!

We have an older set of pattern books that we are working on revamping and making better. So we have 12 new books out right now.  These books work just like our regular Aunt Martha's patterns (one color iron-on transfer), but there are just more in this booklet than what comes in the standard envelope sized Aunt Martha's pattern.

Hope you like all the new books! They are 8.5" x 11" and have beautiful full color covers to them now. 
If you  look at them on our website, there are examples of some of the designs stitched up for each book. 

Happy Stitching!