Thursday, May 17, 2012

A few more projects done

These samples we had to stitch up for a vendor to photograph. Sondra in our office did these, they look so great I had to share! All the colors sure bring these designs to life. I can't believe how great they look stitched up--there are so many patterns here at CP that I feel like I will never see them all done up!

It is mostly used for quilt blocks, but you could just done one design for  pillow or tea towel if you wanted. They are larger than our traditional tea towel designs, but they are so beautiful when done up!

These two are both from our Holiday Pattern Collection #C-001.

So cute. This has me thinking of Christmas gifts already. I know if I don't start now I will never get them done (like in all those years pasts). Maybe this year will be different :)



  1. The Bible designs are really beautiful, I am impressed!

    Though I'm pretty sure Jesus in the garden is (or should be!) from the New Testament. ;) Lovely just the same!

    Also, last year, I managed to embroider a dishtowel for each aunt. A small gift, but they all really liked theirs.

  2. Jen--you are completely correct! I had the link and pattern number correct, but not the Title. I correct it, thank you.

    So sweet of you to do a towel for your Aunt's like that--I am sure they will cherish them. Homemade gifts are the BEST!