Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A few Stitching Projects

From the SR15 Movie Munchies Pattern. I love this one. The inspiration when I was drawing it came from an old diner in my folk's home town. So it will always make me think of our trip to Western KS.

A lovely napkin from the SR19 Modern Linens pattern. We have these napkins in a variety of colors! I just love these for summer.

Cute little diaper cover from the SR 16 Tiny Tots Pattern.  So stink'n cute. 

Baby bib (from American Apparel) with a design from SR 16 Tiny Tots.
Well, thought I would post a few pictures of some stitching I have been working on for the Quilt Show trade show booth. It is this weekend in Kansas City, so I have been rushing around getting things ready, but I am so excited about a few things I made up I had to share! Hope everyone is enjoying Spring and getting to be outside a little. I am tackling planting my first garden this year, so it has been busy at my house! Guess something from the Urban Garden pattern will be next for me!



  1. lots of cute things, i finally added you to my blogroll so i can keep up! happy stitching!

  2. Yeah! Any chance you are coming to the Quilt Show this weekend? I'd love to meet you if you are!