Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home from the CHA show in LA

Well we made it home safe and sound (only getting delayed one day from the massive snow storm aka Blizzard of OZ)! Here are some pictures of our booth at the show. We got some new signs and tried little clothes lines this year to display the linens we offer. It turned out pretty cute.

Chris and Matt

There were so many wonderful ideas at the show-one of the coolest new items I saw was the g2 Glass Bottle Cutter.  Check out the you tube video here. This product is so cool, made from recycled aluminum and can help you recycle other products into art! 

Another great thing I learned about at the show was Zentangle. It is a wonderful way to relax and create something at the same time. 

These are the zentangles that were created in my class--each person is making the same basic patterns and given the same instruction, yet they all come out different. It is a wonderful exercise for people of all ages. You can give this project to a 4th grader and a 50 year old man. No matter what the results are something beautiful both aesthetically and mentally. It really gives you focus without having to follow rules. It is very liberating. Sometimes you just need to draw....and not worry what it comes out looking like. Zentangle is kind of like yoga for the mind. Check it out! Read more about the creators and get signed up for the newsletter here.

There were so many booths and so little time, but I did get around to see a lot of them. I will post more this week. I must get back to finishing the four new SR patterns (yes four!!) They will be available in March!

Happy Stitching all!


  1. I can only imagine what fun that show was!! Clothes line is a great display idea.

  2. Thanks Becky! It is a very fun part of my job-I always love seeing what is new out there in the crafting world (and my husband loves that I can't buy when I am there :)