Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cute embroidery from Japan

Another post about the CHA show....I know I know, but there was so much to be inspired by there. These had to be my favorite things. I found a booth that was a distributor for Japanese craft books. I have purchased a crochet book before and I love it. I wanted to see the embroidery books in person. They did not disappoint.

Even though they are all in Japanese, you can still trace the patterns and get the idea for colors. No problem. Amazing how embroidery can be understood in any language!

This super cute tote bag could be easily made with our new grocery bags and a monogram pattern. Might just be what my Mother-in-Law and Mother will be getting for Mother's day. 

Too cute! There is just something I love about their illustration style. 
Has anyone out there bought some Japanese craft/sewing books? I'd love to hear about it. I will be ordering a few of these myself soon.....I just can't wait until next Christmas!

Dreaming of little embroidered squirrels....


  1. I love japanese embroidery books! Totally agree with you, their designs are super cute. I started a collection :-). For "serious" embroidery Totsuka embroidery books are great.
    I purchase mine from a couple of sellers on ebay and/or etsy. So far great customer service from them.

  2. Cool--thanks for the tip. I will check them out!