Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cool bags to show off your embroidery

MORE from CHA!

I saw these very cool bags from Colonial Needle (no relation to us, but they do sell GREAT needles for embroidery, and we get a lot of their calls :) at the trade show. There are built in windows so you can display your needle point, embroidery, or crochet.

There was one clutch/wallet type on that had a great purple fuzzy crocheted piece in it....too cute (sorry I didn't get to snap that picture). These are just a great way to show off all your work and still have a nice sturdy bag to carry all your things!

I couldn't find them on their website, but I bet you can call and get pricing info about them. There were a lot of color choices and sizes. They even had neat travel jewelry boxes and small coin purses!

Be sure to drop hints to your loved one for this great Valentine's gift!
Happy Stitching!

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