Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Vintage Pattern in our Vault!

A Whale of a Tale

We are slowly reintroducing many patterns from the past here are Aunt Martha's. This classic is requested from a lot of customers, so we decided to add it to the Vault on our website. These patterns are printed when you order and not printed as part of our regular pattern line. The pattern is available for reprint on our website.......here! The pattern is just like our other patterns, it irons on and washes out of most fabrics. 

You can also purchase it for machine embroidery through Oregon Patchworks


  1. This is great! There are so many vintage super cute Aunt Martha's patterns out there,.. like one that I've been looking for: "Puppy Fashion Show #3262", extremely cute!!!

  2. Oh... forgot this one: Aunt Martha's 3067 - Birds and Fruit. So cute!!! I'll definitely will keep my eyes open to your new additions to the Vault :-).