Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Pattern Adhesive

This product is one of the reasons we LOVE our customers. Recently a lovely lady brought this wonderful temporary adhesive to our attention. We tried it out and had to pass it onto you all! You can now purchase it on our website. I promise a whole can will last you over a year. This stuff is magic!

Do you have trouble with you pattern shifting on you when you are trying to iron it on? This product is for you! Start buy picking out your pattern and cutting away anything you do not want to transfer. 

Next, lay your pieces out like you want them. Lift up each one (away from your fabric) and spray the smallest amount onto the paper side that has the ink on it. Then simply place it back down on your fabric where you want it. It will stick. You can reposition it if you don't get it quite right the first time.

Next, (ignoring my pasty white middle-of-winter white arm), iron-on your patter like normal. If you need to check to see if it has transferred, lift back a corner and look. Don't lift it all the way off, or it will be hard to put back on in the exact place. Move on and iron-on all your other parts.

When you remove the pattern pieces there is no sticky residue left on them! It is AMAZING! You can re-stack them in your envelope and they won't stick together, and you can reuse the patterns a few times, just reapply the spray and iron away!

Then if you are like me, you will change your mind on where you want a piece :)
I just washed out the bottom left acorn so I could add another leaf. When you wash out a part of your pattern just be careful not to get the water and soap on the parts you want to keep. I always use COLD water (heat will only set it further) and Dawn dish soap to get these iron-ons out. Let them air dry. Works like a charm every time. After it is totally dry, just repeat the steps for using the spray and applying your pattern, iron-on and you are ready to stitch!

Ta-da!! Hope this product will help some you out like it did me. I do this for a living and even I still mess up some times. Since I have started using this spray I never have those little ghost lines, it is always crisp and clear. I cannot tell you how much this product is worth in my eyes. It makes things so much easier. Give it a try and let me know what you think!! You can buy it here on our website!

Happy Stitching All!

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