Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Celtic Tea Towels for my Mother in Law

I am one of the luck women on this planet that has a wonderful, caring, kind Mother-in-Law. Her birthday is next weekend and I have been working on these for her. I did a set of 2 to go with some other Irish themed items for her birthday present. Her Father's side of the family is from Ireland and it is something very sacred in our family. I hope she will like these as much as I liked working on them. I just hope she will use them! So many people think things hand done like this are "too pretty to use for everyday" but I say the opposite. I always promise to make new ones when these get stained or worn out. 

I used our Vintage Striped Towels in green and I created the pattern from a Celtic image I had seen. There are so many neat Celtic knots out there, I just used our Transfer Pencil and traced this one. 

Happy Wednesday everyone! Cheers!

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