Monday, August 1, 2011

Where I Sew

Just thought I would show you all my ridiculous fabric stash, sewing table and work space. It needs a little cleaning up, but who has time for that with so many Christmas gifts to make?

I am happy to report almost all of these were thrifted and didn't cost me nearly what fabric should :)
There are also three finished quilt tops (top shelf) that need to be quilted and many projects hidden in that stash. Oh. Someday I will get to all of them.

My momma's old Elna-still use and love that machine daily. It is a good one. 

Book/Inspiration stash-I am happy to report that I have vowed not to purchase any new books this year. I am trying to tell myself that I have plenty of projects ideas in these and I do not need more :) We'll see how long I hold out.

My closet doors in this room are metal, so I just use them as a giant magnetic inspiration board. One of my favorite things on this wall is the hand drawn bride and groom on the left (my middle niece Tess drew it for us last Christmas, two months after our wedding :) and the pictures. All of them. They are my family, my grandmother and our wedding. All things that make me smile and bring so much joy to my life. This right side is close to my ironing board, can you tell? It is packed with the most pictures. 

Okay, well I have bored you all enough! Hope you all have a space you love as much as I do to call your own. Being creative and having the space for it, makes my life so much better. 


  1. Nicely organized, too. Congratulations on thrifting so much fabric.

  2. Thanks-I have been enjoying using them when a project comes up. It is nice not to have to go buy for most of the project. Lucky I have the space for it :)