Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspiration Thursday

Somedays you just need some color and pattern. This quilt was just so beautiful I had to share it. Again, over at V&A there is always inspiration for me. 

You can read more about this beautiful "Crimean Quilt" here.

Hexagon quilts are a mystery to me. Something I wish I could ask my grandmother about. She made very few, so I have a feeling she would tell me they are not worth the time-however this beautiful quilt stands to prove otherwise. It is amazing to look at. This one is made of wool in India by Francis Brayley. My guess is, it was a lot of work and a lot of hours. But very well worth it. It is amazing to me that something made in the 1860s is still relevant and interesting to many people. Do you think Mr. Brayley had that in mind when he made it? Did he know it would be viewed by thousands and thousands of people? I think that is why I love making things so much, it can mean so much to people that you might never meet.

Well, more inspiration coming your way this week. I have organized my digital files of inspiration for the new year! Wahoo--one new years resolution under way!



  1. lovely lovely quilt...the colors just pop, don't they?

  2. They do. It is amazing, if you take away the red color, then the rest of the colors are very earthy and not as bright, but that red in there makes it just brilliant!