Thursday, November 11, 2010

Around the warehouse

Many of you have asked me to post about our daily work here at Colonial here we go!

New projects that I need to get embroidered before the next Trade Show (it is in LA this year in the dead of winter----WAHOO!) I can't wait to post some pics of them in progress--the asian pillowcase is going to be awesome! These are all from our new patterns (with the exception of the colonial girl on the bottom middle--that one is old, but I just LOVE her :)

Oh a messy desk. Don't they say something about a messy desk is the indication of a genius? I think I might qualify :) If you look real close you can see the preview of two new SR patterns (a cooking one and a sewing one--can't wait to get these out to you all!)

Our Trade Show booth-I have been working on adding some excitement-but you gotta have it all set up to do that, so here it is in the back warehouse. There is more to do on it (but I have like a million projects started all at once-also a sign of a genius? or a crazy woman? we'll just have to see :)

This is our main warehouse where our lovely ladies fill orders. There are rows and rows of AM patterns--it was like a dream the first time I walked much crafting and so many hours of joy to come from all those patterns. It just makes my heart happy!

Order fill station for Home Craft orders (people like you who call in and order our patterns direct)

This is our stuffing machine, it takes the patterns and inserts them into the envelopes. It was originally made for stuffing tax papers in envelopes at a local KC government office. It is pretty cool to see it in action and running--it is a very unique machine.

Okay-well I must get back to all my projects, but I wanted to show you a little of what I get to see everyday. It is a great place to work-I am a very lucky woman!

Happy Stitching to you all--many, many projects to come soon!


  1. Wow! Thanks for the tour! Where are the people? Off for Veteran's Day?

  2. That is so interesting..thanks for posting