Friday, March 30, 2012

Embroidery workshop in the Kansas City area!!

We are so proud to announce a partnership with the Honeytree galley for a beginner's embroidery workshop starting April 11th! Here are all the details:

in stitches
embroidery workshops by Kate E. Burke
sponsored by Stitcher's Revolution

Wednesday, April 11, 7pm to 9pm: You will learn basic embroidery stitches.

Wednesday, April 18, 7pm to 9pm: You will learn more complicated stitches.

Wednesday, April 25, 7pm to 9pm: You will learn to work from a pattern
provided by Stitcher's Revolution.

Wednesday, May 2, 7pm to 9pm: You will continue to work from a pattern exploring stitches, fills and colors. Patterns provided by Stitcher's Revolution.

Wednesday, May 9, 7pm to 9pm: You will explore personal narrative with embroidery and begin to make your own design.

Wednesday, May 16, 7pm to 9pm: You will explore experimental dimensions of embroidery using your own designs.

Each workshop session is $20 per person, all materials included.
Classes are designed as individual units of discussion so you can attend sessions individually or the entire 6 weeks. The more classes you attend, the more you learn and explore embroidery as an art form. All classes will be taught at the Honeytree Gallery.

About the instructor
Kate E. Burke is a textile and graphic artist that explores themes of juxtaposition. She captures fleeting emotions and thoughts into permanent reflections of daily life using drawing, watercolor, beads, sequin, fabric and embroidery. Please visit for more information about her work.

To reserve your spot email honeytreegallery (at) gmail (dot) com

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hope it is a great success. Would love to see and intermediate or advanced class too!

  2. Well in this series you don't have to be a beginner, or attend all the classes! You could just come to the May sessions--those are a little more advanced then those first few. Hope to see you there!!