Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Project help

So I was discussing with a customer the other day about putting together a kid's embroidery learning kit (that will be another post at a later date) and she brought me down her old teaching book from the 40s.

It is just such a neat book in general, but I wanted to share a part with you, that I thought was begging to be stitched up.  Look at these calendars! Are they not just the coolest? There is of course one for every month, but I didn't want to overload the post with them all.  

I am thinking of enlarging them and stitching them 11" x17", using a dowel at the top and bottom to hang them taught. I  want to use these in our home with some sort of embroidered pins so the dates can change from year to year. But the tough question is all in redwork? or colorful? Ahhhhh I can't decide. Anyone? thoughts?

This will be the largest embroidery project I have ever done. I am excited to work on it though--it is something I want to get done before we have kids. I know life gets busy and I probably won't be able to make time for it later. Has anyone else out there done a calendar project like this?

Happy Stitching All!


  1. That is soo cool. I would love to do that too, I will have to search for the book. Thanks!!!

  2. These would be wonderful..how about black work? would make them look vintage...

  3. Definitely in color!! Would look awesome!

  4. I would have a hard time deciding too. But what a neat project!!!! So cute!

  5. I do like the blackwork idea for sure. I thought of doing them in red work too. hmmmm. Still can't decide. I also think a pretty shade of a modern color would be nice-like a coral color. Just something different. Sometimes you just have to start stitching and see if you like it-you know? Guess I better get cracking!