Thursday, April 28, 2011

Completed projects

What have been busy doing you ask? Oh just got a ruffled bag made for my mom (we are going to Florida in a week for our annual Sister's Weekend trip with all the other ladies in our family) and a dress for me. We needed something new for the trip :) and these cost nothing. I had all the fabric and made up the dress pattern and the bag pattern was here.

Sorry for the poor photos, but I just snapped them with the ol' iphone. I will be sure to get some pics on our trip with them. I cannot wait for the sunshine, waves and relaxing! What are you all working on? Anything beachy too?

Cheers everyone! Happy Spring!


  1. You made up the dress pattern!?!?! Wow - it looks great! Have fun!!!

    No beachy plans for us for a couple of weeks when we will be in a Piratey craft fair in Bath, NC. Bath is NC's oldest town and is where Blackbeard used to live.

  2. Fun! That sounds like a great craft fair-are you just going to shop or to sell?

    The dress was easy--I just cut around another jersey dress I have and there were no sleeves, so really it was just side seams and shoulder seams. Pretty simple-I just hope it doesn't look that way on!