Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun Summer 80's Bag

I needed a new little bag to carry my lunches it is. I used our SR5 pattern 80s Vibes. It was simple to do it in applique and made it a quicker project than embroidering the whole she-bang.

I made a copy of the pattern I wanted to use. Then cut out each shape from the pattern. Select your fabric scraps and cut around the paper shapes creating each piece of the pattern (sometimes I had to get crafty and fill in the blank spots since the hearts overlap in a few spots on the pattern).

Then using some fusible web I ironed on the shapes to my bag (starting with the pieces in the back and building up my layers to the front hearts) and then hand embroidered around them with some DMC floss! What a great fun summer project. Great for those medium kiddos too. They can do the cutting and the simple stitching, just be sure to supervise the ironing :) You can use any stitches you want for the embroidery and any colors--have fun with it!

Happy Stitching, 

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